SPRINT: Cultural Diversity

While exploring resources relating to cultural diversity and school librarians, I was gratified to see a good number freely available on this topic.  These are two I found to be particularly relevant to my own evaluation of the place of librarians in this context. Culturally Responsive Leadership in School Libraries In this article, Laura Summers … Continue reading SPRINT: Cultural Diversity


SPRINT: Sharing, Showcasing, Evidencing & Reflecting on my Learning

The first three months of this Masters has been hard!  Not just the content, which stretches the brain to capacity, but the juggling of time - time for study, work, other professional commitments, home, and family. So even though I had set out to map my journey online through this website, I have literally not … Continue reading SPRINT: Sharing, Showcasing, Evidencing & Reflecting on my Learning

Evaluating the impact

Applied Practice in Context – Week 31 This inquiry is based on my passion project, part of the wider research I'm currently undertaking in an effort to quantify and highlight the place of professional school librarians in teaching and learning. I want to add to the growing evidence that school librarians have a meaningful and … Continue reading Evaluating the impact

Taking Action: Reflecting on the evidence

Applied Practice in Context – Week 30 Collecting the Data: I knew from the outset that my data collection plan was ambitious when I made the decision to survey both secondary librarians and teachers about librarian leadership focussed on digital literacy. Previous experience had led me to anticipate a reasonable response from librarians, however, the … Continue reading Taking Action: Reflecting on the evidence

Taking Action: Considering my audience

Applied Practice in Context – Week 29 School librarians excel at understanding the opportunities and issues facing our profession as we advocate for superior library services in all New Zealand schools while recognising the difficulties and barriers facing us to make it a reality. Indeed, the two subthemes from the future-oriented learning and teaching report, … Continue reading Taking Action: Considering my audience

Taking Action: My professional environment

Practice in Context - Week 28 In the library and information profession, practice is guided by the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) code of ethics. These global guidelines are designed to encourage reflection on principles when forming policies, improving professional awareness and providing transparency for users of information, and society in general. (IFLA, 2016). As … Continue reading Taking Action: My professional environment

Taking Action: Examining cultural context

Applied Practice in Context - Week 27 This quote from the front cover of Education Matters really resonates with me, beyond the obvious link to libraries, into the realm of knowledge, and the message that young people don't feel valued for what they know. My school has been involved with several educational initiatives including He … Continue reading Taking Action: Examining cultural context