Taking Action: My professional environment

Practice in Context - Week 28 In the library and information profession, practice is guided by the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) code of ethics. These global guidelines are designed to encourage reflection on principles when forming policies, improving professional awareness and providing transparency for users of information, and society in general. (IFLA, 2016). As … Continue reading Taking Action: My professional environment

Taking Action: Examining cultural context

Applied Practice in Context - Week 27 This quote from the front cover of Education Matters really resonates with me, beyond the obvious link to libraries, into the realm of knowledge, and the message that young people don't feel valued for what they know. My school has been involved with several educational initiatives including He … Continue reading Taking Action: Examining cultural context

Taking Action: Reflecting on inquiry

Applied Practice in Context - Week 26 I have been thinking, talking and writing about reflective practice for the better part of a decade.  I first publicly shared my thoughts about reflection on my professional blog, Senga's Space in 2011, when I described how blogging was making me become more circumspect, reflective and analytical about … Continue reading Taking Action: Reflecting on inquiry

Taking Action: Librarians & leadership

Applied Practice in Context - Week 25 Sitting in the second of two Teacher Only Days this week, I was reminded afresh why our staff is in the business of educating boys, growing them into great men, and how working together helps set them on their right path. The new Associate Rector highlighted key focus … Continue reading Taking Action: Librarians & leadership

What 60 schools can tell us about teaching – Video – Notes

Grant Lichtman begins by talking about what he thought teaching and learning should be 30 years ago, which is still relevant today: critical thinking and problem solving asking questions instead of finding answers looking at new systems instead of remaining subject-driven finding problems instead of solving them He found in his 60+ school visits and … Continue reading What 60 schools can tell us about teaching – Video – Notes

Reflecting on Me and the Key Competences

When I look at the key competencies in relation to learning in a library and information literacy context, there are elements throughout. Libraries are ideally placed to support or even lead students and teachers in becoming more connected and actively involved learners, within a range of contexts to make the learning more meaningful. I find … Continue reading Reflecting on Me and the Key Competences